“Thanks for all your support. I feel so pretty with my teeth.
My smile is very vibrant. It makes you feel good inside. Thank God
for the heart and hearts of all kind. Keep smiling and don’t
forget to show all your teeth.”


Save-A-Smile provides subsidized dentures and basic dental services for low-income individuals. This dental care helps improve individual’s overall health, self-esteem and employment opportunities.

Additional services aimed at increasing complete dental hygiene for individuals benefiting from the Save-A-Smile program may be offered at some locations. These services include a basic cleaning, dental hygiene classes, and the provision of educational materials. Our staff works collaboratively with other local social service agencies, faith communities, assistance providers, and dental providers to serve our clients in this program.

Save-A-Smile is currently offered at the Columbia, Greenville and North Charleston offices. Contact information for these offices may be found here.

“This program has changed my life. I have been without teeth
for 3 years and I didn’t know how I was going to afford them.
I’m very grateful for Catholic Charities’ help!”

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